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A Higher Ambition for CSR: Corporate Social Purpose (Forbes on HBR)

A powerful example of synergy created by “ant colony” emergence from collaborative organizational culture creating amazing and creative innovation for good. HBR Coined Term = “Higher Ambition Approach”. I would prefer to think of it as humanism meeting capitalism or as Bill Gates called it at Davos, “Creative Capitalism”.

Recipe: Stock Mirepoix

I usually make this on Sunday’s to use in Recipe’s throughout the week.  This is pretty simple.

1 whole clove of garlic - Minced (I do it by hand because I think it keeps the flavor better and I do not crush the garlic, but rather mince)

3/4 Yellow Onion - Diced

3/4 Sweet Onion - Diced (You can use Red or Vidalia or a mix of the two for color)

2 Jalapeno’s- Diced but leave the seeds and veins if you like a high scoville factor like myself

Cook in Olive Oil over low heat until the veggies sweat, stirring very frequently. While cooking I usually add some of the following dried spices to taste:

Cayenne Pepper





And the following fresh herbs toward the end:

1/4 c. fresh flat lead parsley

Once this is prepared it can be placed aside to be used for the week or until it is gone as your stock mire poix for many recipes.

The Mushroom with a Heart

The Mushroom with a Heart

Deep Thoughts on the R to the N Manhattan Bound (I)

    Flowing with the collective subconscious is quite a bit uncomfortable for some if not most of us to endure at times. Many people probably do not think of this as what they are doing when they say they are having a bad day or feeling empathy for a large scale situation, but I wonder if this is what is going on. Think about for instance natural disasters or famines when the majority of us on the world stage with a heart and a mind do what we can to off-set them, even it is quietly to ourselves or in our hearts and minds. Think about when some politicians or other zealots act so acutely out of sync with global verisimilitude throwing the balance of proverbial power into a tailspin of contradictions and hypocrisy.  How does this effect the macro? Do we even care? If so why? What if there was something that could be done to counterbalance it, if only metaphorically, perhaps acting as a means of catharsis?  Certain realities often thrust the human spirit to new levels of empowerment (sometimes good and sometimes detrimental). Perhaps if humankind were to embrace the sacredness of all life, we would begin to heal the scars of so many years. 

What happens once a paradigm shift includes a collective vision for the rights, respect and dignity of all creatures?  My Native American roots come out at the strangest times. I suppose some might argue this thought as utopian philosophy and deconstruct. Perhaps ignoring the glaring reality of the opposing forces necessary to maintain a construct of balance; preserved so many centuries in philosophy, psychology and arguably justice.  However, when the stark reality of platforms of those who breed hate (often due to ignorance) begins to glare in the face of our collective visions of peace and prosperity, are we are called upon as the guardians of humanity to tip the scales? Whose decision is this? As King so eloquently stated quoting Theodore Parker, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”.  How? But also we must remember Jimi Hendrix, “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”. Seems easy enough to me. How about you?

Will this take some large scale behavior intervention or is technology, multimedia and advertising already doing this by design?  Who is on oversight? The “how” is always a bit befuddling or perhaps even daunting, as no one can confidently understand all levels of energy exchange theory.  Can social exchange theory somehow be a function of energy exchange in general or the other way around? I get confused just thinking about it. Can it possibly be based upon psychology, philosophy and psychics, creating a vortex of chaotic energy exchanges which seems to suffice even though directed energy is far more efficient? One might ponder quantum physics, religion and universal laws and apply them to have a deeper grasp on important ways to shift our own consciousness. If we were to begin to shift our consciousness on a large scale basis this is by definition what Jung spoke of with the collective unconscious. Does herein lies the power of the the church, the court system and other organizations/systems? Interestingly enough we hypothesize and implement large scale interventions to change organizational culture for profit, yet our implementation of such interventions outside of “institutional” learning is thought of as taboo and even an infringement on personal freedom. Social Justice is so complicated at times. How much freedom is lost in the name of freedom? Why is it other countries with closer to absolute freedom such as the Netherlands do not face the huge schism of social injustices the US does? What has to change? Leadership? Theory? Are we currently stuck in a Hegelian dialectic unable to synthesize (or is it just taking a little while) and does the key to this shift lie in psychology, politics, law, quantum physics, ad nauseum? Or do all the  theories really just say the same thing in another manner?

Deep thoughts on a train heading into Manhattan are not usually this stimulating but I am certainly not complaining. I think I found my first Tumblr post.

From the Fire Escape

From the Fire Escape